FS17 - Seini Map V1.0

Date : 2018-08-20 06:49:52 Report
I present you the Seini Map for Farming Simulator 2017. Maybe the first map to come with a Romanian landscape. It’s a real place from Maramures county, Romania and it’s also my hometown. Seini is a big town, much bigger than the in game map, so I tried my best to squeeze all the important and beautiful places like some streets, buildings, landscapes and many other stuff that make Seini a beautiful place. Seini was a very prosper town in the communist era, it had all kinds of industries, animal husbandries, crops, orchards, vines and so on. After the revolution and the fall of the communist era, everything was lost… Your mission is to bring Seini back to prosperity by growing crops, breeding animals, wood cutting, selling wool and eggs, constructing green houses, solar panels, wind turbines. It’s simple, grow, sell, make profit, get rich, expand your farm and put Seini back on the map. *Note 1: I do not recommend using the Big Bud DLC. Try on your risk. lol

Credits: Gabi Barbus (NoxNova)

Download File (1.4 GB)