FS17 - Sherwood Park Farm Seasons V2.1

June 3, 2018 12:50 pm 324 Downloads
So here's another small update for the FS17 Sherwood Park Farm Seasons V2 map again it does not require a restart. It removes the store point inside the shop, it fixes the two T9 window displays at the shop, it fixes the items in the farms garage shed and it moves the farm yards load points around allowing for placeables to be laid down in front of the house if desired. No more updates are planned for the map now. If you are upgrading from the old Sherwoods pre V2 a new game must be started with this folks as the update adds my latest full map template to the map. The map now has more fruits, new installs, GMF, water trough mod, area changes, new textures, updated seasons snow mask and more. Have fun.

Credits: Stevie

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