FS17 - Steyr 8120 Turbo SK1 V2

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Version 2 – Arbeisschinis hinzugefügt – 40 kmh Getriebe ausgebaut – sonstiges Hello, so since the 4 cylinder SK1 model is a bit too small for some activities, such as bale presses ect, we have brought the 6 cylinder, 8120 SK1 to life in just 2 days. The Sk1 model from the previous LS version was reworked , (Roof cut out, wider Kotis rear mounted, exhaust cut and exchanged, …) Info: Construction period: 1978 – 1984 Weight: 4400kg (4WD version) Engine: STEYR 611.86, 6 cylinders with a displacement of 5.2l Gearbox: gives meherere, we have the 30-speed Deutz TW90 with 15v / 5r gears, and once the gearbox with the retrofit set (18v / 6r speed -> 40 kmh) Tank load: 122l Power: 100 HP according to -DIN specification Engine history: Front wheel drive (4WD) Cabine: Steyr Super comfort First generation cabin (SK1) A great THANKS goes to forbidden-mods for sharing to the Siloking Terminal. features: from the outside: Front fender on / off button R (only with 4WD, with 2WD are fixed) turn left door on / off button R open / close left button R Snow chains (front / rear) on / off button R (with 4WD, with 2WD only rear) Shop configurations: Coupling Products: Standard / front spoiler: (atacher joint installed) Front hydraulics + front spoiler (Dynamic Hose ready) Front loader attached: (Dynamic Hose ready) with front protection without front protection Engine version: 100 hp without “Turbo” lettering on the bonnet: Exhaust + flap BJ 78: (SK1 roof) 30-speed gearbox (15v / 5-speed) Low noise exhaust BJ 80: (SK1 roof) 30-speed gearbox (15v / 5-speed) 100 hp with “Turbo” lettering on the bonnet: Exhaust + flap BJ 84: (SK2 roof, roof light front + roof hatch) 40-speed gearbox (18v / 6r speed) Low-noise exhaust BJ 84: (SK2 roof, roof light front + roof hatch) 40-speed gearbox (18v / 6-speed) Wheel setup: 4WD: Original: front: 340/85 / R24 rear: 460/85 / R34 2WD: Original: front: from 8080 SK1 rear: 460/85 / R34 Design: Design Confi 1: round arbeisscheini Koti in the back left RUL middle RUL rear round Arbeisscheini Koti rear left + RUL center round Arbeisscheini Koti rear left + RUL behind Design Confi 2: VA (front axle) protection VA + floor protection, intended for a forestry set (chainsaw + benzine tank is visible) Other functions: IC control: Rear windows, side windows and left door (including door closing sound) for opening / closing FH-Unterlenker, co-driver’s footrest and sun visor fold in / out windshield wipers cabin light Siloking Terminal fade-out / fade-out Animated / Illuminated: Tacho, tank and temperature display as well as pressure air display Blinker / warning indicator (including turn signal (from a Steyr 8130a SK2)) Blinker / warning light indicator works as in real: Tractor alone = 1 beam flashes Tractor + 1 trailer = 2 lights flashing Tractor + 2 trailers = 3 lights flashing license plate light Charge indicator light integrated (battery lit jz at engine start) “provisional” animated pedals; Accelerator pedal, brake pedal + clutch: IMPORTANT! Drive control with active reversing circuit (green arrow must be visible -> direction change) otherwise the pedal animation does not fit. (Select tractor) at selected tractor without attached trailers / equipment: animated rear hydraulic + lever (right in the tractor) TASTE V, animated lever for the PTO coupling (on the left in the tractor) BUTTON B is a small tool for moving around the cabin, this is a pure look for the levers to be attached to the attached devices, you need a suitable script, we guess. :) With trailers attached you can lift the HH (rear hydraulics) (tractor must be selected) and the lever moves. The lever for the ZWK (Zapfwellenkupplung) can be switched on / off at any time (tractor must be selected), it has no function, it is purely optical. Others: Textures reworked Model has been revised Chain saw installed as decoration genuine tire moldings were used washable Indoorsound (reacts to open windows or doors) Working light front Button NUM 5 (only for 8120 Turbo SK1, 40 speed version) Working light rear button NUM 6 swing axle Behrahrerskript installed Low beam + high beam + working light somewhat yellowish as well as in real life Required Mods: Steyr Front Equipment Pack Drive Control Steyr Front Loader Gearbox Addon

Credits: STEYR Modding Team

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