FS17 - Styria Mountains Map V1.4.1

Date : 2018-07-22 09:59:56 Report
Everything you want to do in agriculture works. Version 1.4.1 Train away. New mountains Floor adjustments Dirtarea cows improved (hope it fits) Dealer point and location changed New score required Where childhood's dreams were. Mountains , lakes , meadows , fields r in Austria Combined in this map. I wish you much fun exploring and playing this map. Thanks to the people who participated in this project and whose objects I have used. If you miss enough errors or game errors please contact me :) The map may not be new or uploaded on other platforms! MADE BY NEW HOLLAND T4030

Credits: Bauzeit 1,5 - 2 Jahre
Idee / Konzept: Florian_SM
Mithilfe bei Fragen: Steiner 91, Südtirolerbauer
Modelle: Danke an alle Modder deren Objekte ich verwendet habe!
Tester: Florian_SM, Reita 20

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