FS17 - Tanneberg Map V1

Date : 2017-01-01 13:36:19 Report
The size of the card is about 1/4 of the origanal size. It is more for the singleplayer but I think also suitable for 2-3 players. The map was built according to my ideas and I hope you like it! It is playable anyway, only I had to test them alone as I have no one … The milk can be picked up at 00:00 hours, directly at the stable, with the appropriate means of transport and at the Agrarvis sold and the famous sawmill is also there again … The old pig’s bastard unfortunately does not exist, but the original ones Unfortunately, the fields have become somewhat more angular, owing to the field emissions: Since there are a lot of placable mods and also original objects, I do not know yet whether I rebuke such, Unless the demand is large. I hope that I could keep the flair from the old version!

Credits: AGI CebuljCek-modding Giants TracMax Marhu Steffen30muc Möchtegerbauer Max311 Vertex Dezign Xentro Katsuo Eribus 2Franz Eisbearg BlueBaby210 zatoxx Blacky_BPG M-S_Buschi Maurermatze moor2000 Fatian Desperados93 Aerocool1 Nick98.1 festus007 LS-Landtechnik.com SK09 Geneborg Wildfuchs Bw-Modding ElCid 112TEC Farmer_andy seba j Hewaaa estyx Holzunterstand_Deere6800

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