FS17 - Vall Farmer Multifruits Map V3

Date : 2017-02-14 05:23:13 Report
Corrections and new elements. * Addition of barriers to sheep, cows and pigs. * Replacing the machine for total mixing, now it manufactures TMR (total ration mix) * Replacement of animal troughs as they tended to climb in. * Lamppost at the compost factory + replacement of the unloading trigger. * A washing area installed on the main farm. * Digital meters have been installed on the three storage sites (farms). * The unloading capacity at the compost plant is revised upwards to 100,000. * At the sawmill also increase chip triggers and fuel that have gone up to 20000. * The sale of milk has changed place, it is no longer done at mary’s farm but in Rungis, a tank has been installed there. * In the greenhouses and the building that are located nearby. -Racks are installed in the building to store the pallets. – storage areas have been added in front of this building. -a machine to put the onions in pallox installed in order to enhance this production. -Greenhouses development of a compost storage site. NEW CULTURES Onion and Carrot storage and sale set up. A holmer is supplied with 3 12-row cuts for these crops FARM SCHEDULE 3 Refurbishment of the farm An additional activity await you three washers have been installed (potato, beetroot and carrot) that you will find in box, which allows as the onions to value these productions. A potato cooker also in which you put washed potatoes for even more profit. The sale of all these boxes is done to the warehouse. Various small corrected errors (movement of trees, flattening of land ect …)

Credits: création : Valtrao2 correction et installation des nouveaux fruits , animation et bâtiments avec fonctions : Dragon500, jim08,Mich45300

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