FS17 - Valley Crest Farm 4X Map V1.7.4

Date : 2018-10-15 17:42:39 Report
Welcome to Valley Crest Farm 4-fold V1.7.4 - changelog Trees in the air - near farm and fishery Sound set - concrete factory, butcher, eggprod. Inn - edited - Collission - driveway sale PDA sales prices - fermentation residues and egg added Egg pallets and eggbox can now be sold Easter egg - garbage moved Cement production - slightly enlarged Cement warehouse - passage increased Farm silo - shredded goods inserted Butchery set - 1 cattle for about 4 pallets of meat Fish farming - Palettenspawner postponed - empty palettes before new map is installed Butchery - input trigger - optics adjusted Building under the surface cleared - butcher, dairy osw. Signs translated - larger font Diesel added to PDA prices Diesel sales to gas station in the west added + sign police Standard Map with additional modifications. • 2 Feurewehr • Shop • Racetrack • 2 airport • 2 sawmills • Garages with workshop • gravel rock dirt cracked asphalt cement concrete sand ..... • 2 quarry • Biogas as well as new road course also new Zugstrecken are contained. etc Have fun with this map !!

Credits: dammemax

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