FS17 - Valtra S Series V2

Date : 2017-03-28 13:59:57 Report
Version IC control (Manuel Leithner SFM-Modding)) for: Door, rear window (handle animated), steering wheel, fender on / dismountable. -warning board buyable and with IC control to fold. -To open / close the door with the "R" key. -Winch-wipers (Manuel Leithner SFM-Modding) front and rear go automatically in the rain. Features: - Illuminated displays and knobs in interior Engine configurations available: S274, S294, S324, S354, and S374. - Each tractor to another number plate - Reverse station purchasable - Speedometer, speed, operating hours, and time revised (day / night visible) - Normal tire, tire, wide tires and dual tires - Passenger Script by Alex2009 - Outside Kamara fixed

Credits: Yeti_222 / Ewok

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