FS17 - Wassel Reloaded 2017 Map V3

Date : 2017-08-25 20:30:30 Report
Fermenter added behind the reset point behind the cows – Feed mix plant added – Mist / manure can now be purchased from Raiffeisen – Fertilizer / seed production a bit more beautiful and a slurry store added there – field17 (potatoes) 21 (barley) pre-grown – Seed and Fertilizer stock at the farm added – shelves at the yard for seed etc are removed vllt to Raiffeisen – New start vehicles, gülle and mist somewhat filled and PLCBL greenhouses place entrance Sehnde I have again invested a lot of time and coffee to deal with the WasselMap. The construction has started from the very beginning. I wanted to feel as comfortable as possible and I tried to create a recognition value. If you are familiar with the area, you will hardly need the PDA map. From the machine dealer it goes over the Mittellandkanal into the place Wassel, where you can deliver barley and wheat at BackBusche. If you continue you go to the city Sehnde where you can see the feature the Kaliberg very well (Who does not see him is Blind). On the right is a mill where you can unload grain. There you go directly to Nordzucker where you can go to sugar beet. If you turn left before you turn to the direction “Lehrte”, you will find the first roundabout on your left hand side, where you will find grain, dung and liquid manure, and a few meters further on the right is the cattle trader. At the next roundabout, turn left towards Köthenwald where you will find your farm. straw Straw bales can be stacked outside the carport in the pigs outside the carport and are thus gradually consumed by themselves, with the loading car you drive into the stable to unload straw. It is similar in the cows. In the stable there is a makieren (there are as well as with the pigs already bales) where straw balls can be stacked, with the loading truck one loads straw on the large area in the stable. The large hall at the cattle yard can be used to store its bales. root crops For the Erdfrüchte stands on the grain yard a GDR hall with fans (can be switched ON / OFF) where one can store potatoes and sugar beet. cereals For the grain stands on the grain yard a large grain yard where grain can be loaded and unloaded. water Water can be seen behind the cow pasture, there is a well. If you drive from Köthenwald in the direction of Ilten, you will find on the left side the real palm grower in real life, the Bettmanns trader where you can sell potatoes and straw. As in real life, the BGA is located in the Schnedebruch. It is a very beautiful landscape that you want to be managed by yourself / you. To the things built in addition: -ChoppedStraw -more terrain angle (Compass or Gps of advantage) To all “HATER” or the ones who always complain, the map is playable, however, it still has some beauty mark. I have the map to 95% alone have built 0% idea of ​​the script write or similar. There is a lot of time / coffee in disrepair. I can deal with criticism and will implement it according to my opinion. If you are interested in helping me, please feel free to contact me.

Credits: Fk-Modding, Giants, Diverse Modder

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