FS17 - Zetor Crystal 12045 V1.2 Final

Date : 2016-12-18 14:22:02 Report
V1: – Opening the door and rear window. – Console round (in the workshop). – Multi Color wheels. – Front Tuz or weight (in the workshop). – Washable. – Physics tires. – Movable axis. – Moving the radiator fan. – Weights on the wheel (in the workshop). – Moving the front cardan shaft. – Options to modify the engine (in the workshop). V1.1: – Fixed cab model. – Improved door models. – Improved tires. – Moving racing. – Moving the pedals. – Panel IC. – Chains on wheels (in the workshop). – Protective cage (in the workshop). – Moving the rear mudguards. – The door opened from outside the vehicle. – Added cock. V1.2: – Added kontrolko direction. – Fixed bug through which the maps appear errors with textures (grass appeared on the field). – Added a narrow circle. – New textures headlights. – Improved rear turn signals.

Credits: Authors: Giants Software, Jukka In FS17: CatFan18 [ACR Mods Team]

Download File (48.5 MB)