Mixing Station V3.0

Date : 2021-09-18 17:05:01 Report

HARRYBO MODDING Update: V.30 The following changes have been made:The design has been revised.The jerking was removed while mixing.The capacity was increased to 1,500,000 l.Compound feed system version 3.0 (with level indicator)This compound feed plant was rebuilt in 2013 based on a template by "Marhu" from the LWS.The capacity is 1,5000,000 L. The mod can be placed.You have to dump straw, grass and silage using the suction hoppers provided. AConcentrated feed (also known as compound feed) that serves as additional food for animals.The modders are allowed to use this mod with the GE without restrictions for the map creation.

Credits: design: HRRYBO MODDING textures: HARRYBOMODDING

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