2011 Case Ih Magnum Small Frame 25 Years Edition V5.0

Date : 2024-02-11 17:19:24 Report

Thank you To Diniz Farms, Spesard Farms, and DeLuyck Farms for allowing me to release this and helping to make this mod happen.

Fixed pto and roof(fixed fr this time)

Engine configs: 180 CVT , 180 PS , 210 CVT , 210 PS , 225 CVT , 225 PS
Wheel brands: Firestone and Michelin
Fender configs: Narrow or Wide
GPS configs: Ag leader or AFS
Weights: small bracket, large bracket, 700kg, 900 kg, 1000kg
Beacons: left, right, both, 2 styles
Monitors: Concord, Precision Planting, Blue Vantage, KpmII
Dealer Decals: Bane-Welker, Birkey's, Glascock, Windridge, rear window Spesard Farms
Front loader configs: none, Front loader, Degelman Blade

Credits: Cornbelt Modding, Diniz Farms, Spesard Farms, DeLuyck Farms

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