Achen Map V1.0.1.0

May 31, 2023 12:19 pm 126 Downloads

Welcome to the beautiful Achen map, this map was created from pure imagination.

New savegame needed!
- Map has almost doubled in size
- New fields
- A new farm
- A production is now installed
- Added workshop at the dealer
- trifles
- Now a total of 48 buyable plots
- Two new silos on courtyard 1 (starting courtyard)
- a silo is missing in the 2nd yard, unfortunately I noticed too late, just shoot something there yourself :)

what does Achen offer?
- Stubble destruction
- 32 buyable plots, 23 fields including 10 with grass
- cattle market
- Two cow farms
- The map is well suited for small to medium-sized vehicles
- People with high standards should keep their hands off the map
- 5 forest areas/ forests

- The vehicles now spawn normally at the shop (previously they spawned in a decorative vehicle)
- A purchasable extra hall now usable (gates did not open)
- Log cleaned up, in my tests only a warning because I can't fix it (but doesn't affect the game) if there are further log errors, please report them to meĀ 
- The wood sale has been redone (previously unusable)
- Small things fixed (e.g. trees on fields or road signs etc.
- I hope I didn't screw up


Credits: Dino12507

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