Agripv Map V1.0

Date : 2023-12-23 15:03:24 Report

Explore a new agricultural dimension in the "ARGIPV" map of Farming Simulator, created by YZAR in collaboration with the sustainability-focused company, GLHD. Inspired by agrivoltaic farms being designed in the intermediate agricultural zones of France, this project offers 33 fields dedicated to agriphotovoltaic projects, 2 forests to acquire, and 2 strategic water points—ideal for expanding your agricultural empire. With 7 selling points, skillfully negotiate your harvests in this innovative experience that combines agricultural production and renewable energy, thus contributing to energy transition and biodiversity recovery. Designed by YZAR for Farming Simulator 2022 enthusiasts, this map is supported by GLHD, while Giants is the game's developer. No collectibles, but an immersive opportunity to shape a sustainable future.

Credits: YZAR

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