Agromehanika 200L V1.2

Date : 2024-01-26 15:08:06 Report

The Agromehanika 200l V1.2 mod for FS22 (Farming Simulator 22) seems to be an upgrade to an existing agricultural sprayer equipment within the game.

200 liters: This likely refers to the capacity of the sprayer tank, allowing for 200 liters of liquid to be used for spraying crops or fields.

Full UDIM: UDIM is a method of mapping textures in 3D models that allows for high-resolution textures to be efficiently used across different parts of a model. "Full UDIM" suggests that the sprayer model utilizes this technique extensively, possibly resulting in a more detailed and realistic appearance.

Full animations: This indicates that the sprayer comes with a comprehensive set of animations, likely making its operation in the game more visually engaging and realistic. This could include animations for extending the sprayer arms, pumping the liquid, or adjusting the height.

0 errors and warnings: This statement suggests that the mod has been thoroughly tested and does not produce any errors or warnings within the game, indicating a stable and reliable performance.

For the V1.2.0.0 update, the following improvements are highlighted:

More realistic sprayer pump and other details: The update seems to focus on enhancing the realism of the sprayer, particularly the pump mechanism, which could affect how it operates within the game, possibly offering a more authentic simulation experience.

2 different height settings (normal and for high crop): This feature allows the sprayer to be adjusted for different crop heights, enhancing its versatility and usefulness across various types of farming activities in the game. Players can switch between a standard height for regular crops and a higher setting for taller crops, ensuring effective spraying without damaging the plants.

Mods like the Agromehanika 200l V1.2 enhance the gaming experience by adding new features, equipment, and levels of realism to Farming Simulator 22, making the simulation more engaging and enjoyable for players.

Credits: Simmi96

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