Akpil Km180 4+1+1 V1.0

Date : 2023-07-17 17:26:10 Report

The KM 180 plough is a proposal from Polish brand Akpil aimed at medium and large farms.
The plough has bolt protection. The machine is equipped with a system allowing the working width to be changed at any time.
The plough has 4 bodies as standard, but 2 additional bodies can be added.

*Choosing the number of plough bodies (4;5;6)
*Changing working width (Left mouse button)
*Colour configuration
*Lift ball configuration (with or without)

[4 bodies]
-Price: 11,000 $
-Working width: 2.10m
-Power requirement: 130hp
-Mass: 1450kg

[5 bodies]
-Price: 14,500 $
-Working width: 2.60m
-Power requirement: 160hp
-Mass: 1700kg

[6 bodies]
-Price: 18,000 $
-Working width: 3.10m
-Power requirement: 190hp
-Mass: 1950kg

Credits: JMZ

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