Alpine Farm Buildings Pack V1.0

November 8, 2022 10:57 am 95 Downloads

Do you want to build a farm on a southern German or alpine map?
Then try this alpine farm building pack.
In this building pack you will find numerous farm buildings, e.g. several farmhouses and several shelters, as well as a silo and a buying station.
The six farmhouses are originally residential buildings from Erlengrat. I decorated them and transformed them into farmhouses.
They are also available as decorative buildings and as holiday homes to generate passive income.
To decorate the residential buildings, there are also two garages as decorative objects.
To house your machines there are four Elmcreek sheds, that I've retextured to match alpine farms.
There are also four open drive-through sheds with the same textures.
A simple multi-fruit silo, a small animal food buying station and a water pump complete the pack.

Facts and prices:
- Farm houses: $30,000, 21-24 slots
- Deco houses: $1,000, 21-24 slots
- Garages: $500, 11 slots
- Holiday houses: $50,000, approx. $100,000 annual income, 21-24 slots
- Small shelter with rear wall: $3,000, 6 slots
- Medium shelter with rear wall: $4,000, 6 slots
- Large shelter with rear wall: $6,000, 6 slots
- Open hall: $5,000, 5 slots
- Small open shelter: $3,000, 5 slots
- Small open shelter without side walls: $1,000, 5 slots
- Narrow open shelter: $3,000, 5 slots
- Large open shelter: $5,000, 5 slots
- Multi-fruit silo: $30,000, 10,000,000 liters capacity, 8 slots
- Animal feed purchase station: $10,000, 6 slots
- Water purchase station: $500, 1 slot


Credits: OmaTana

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