Altenhausen Map V1.0

Date : 2022-06-13 19:10:12 Report

Welcome to the Altenhausen
A NEW savegame is required for the 1.0 beta.
Support is only available in our Discord, and not in the comments here.
Needs to create 4 farms (MP)
Farm 1 must be bought with the first farm created,
Farm 2 must be bought with the second farm created, etc.
if this is not done, the FarmIDs will not be correct as intended!
We took the Felsbrunn as a template, but changed everything except for the town.

The following buildings have been installed:
Orchard 1
orchard 2
gravel plant
The map is a beta version and is always being developed further, if you find any bugs or have other things then write to us.
This map may not be published under a different name (link).
Have fun wishes Team SBW

Credits: ZoddelZocktCJ Systeme

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