Amazone Ux11200 V1.0

Date : 2021-12-24 21:29:32 Report

Tandem field sprayer with 40m working width and many configuration options.
With its enormous container volume of 11,200 liters, the UX 11200 trailed field sprayer places particularly high demands on the area coverage.
With the Super-L2 spray boom in working widths of 40m and its triple pump system with suction capacities of 900 l / min, it is perfectly suitable for structures with large surface units as well as for crops with particularly high application rates.

Section control
Track width adjustment

Shop options:
various wheel / tire combinations
optional SingleTrail (last axle steered) or DoubleTrail (both axles steered)
Individual nozzle lighting yes / no
Under-leaf spray yes / no
2 decal designs
Color options for tank and fairing
License plate selectable

Note: Texture and model are not 100% the same as 19, but should be enough to have fun with this mod.

Credits: Giants, Micha3615, HoFFi

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