Armer Salmon Single Row V1.0

Date : 2023-04-03 00:08:59 Report

Armer Salmon Cheetah Single Row Beet Harvester Release + Update for TR 2000
Note - A Topper IS NOT needed for this harvester
There are 4 control groups for mouse control (g key) 

- Mouse control for various functions (drawbar, plough bars, axle width and position of left carousel)
- Multiple wheel options
- Multiple Guard Options
- Multiple Light Options
- Optional Visible Dirt
- Multiple Guard Color Options
- Optional Toolbox
- Toolbox Color
- Multiple Tank Options
- Tops Chute Options
- Rim Color Options
- Completely new 3D model / textures 
- New custom beet effects (Courtesy NMC + Oscar)
- 3D Elevator (Courtesy NMC)

The effects of the beets are what really make this model come to life!

Credits: 4D Modding

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