Baldeykino Map V1.0

Date : 2023-08-24 10:17:57 Report

Standard crops 13 - fields 1 - cowshed 2 - shepherds (near the house and in Berezovka) 2 - chicken coops (near the house and near the Rybkhoz) 1 - pigsty Several forest areas Many lawns for haymaking There is a site in the city for their own production Production facilities: Smokehouse Fish farm Sugar factory Dairy plant Bakery plant Flour mill Butter mill BGA Production of seeds and fertilizers Production of animal feed Greenhouses near the house Sawmill and furniture production There is a sand pit and 3 points of sale of sand. NOTE: A buyable house trigger is built into the map, it is bought in the "Cottages" section, you need to put it wisely, because. there is a small collision above the trigger so that you can then sell it and put it in another place. The train on the map is standard, without functionality, purely as a decoration. In order for animal pens to work, you need to purchase a plot. For correct operation - BGA is bought together with the site.

Credits: SimGames

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