Bergmann Rrw 500 Trailer V1.0.0.2

March 19, 2023 12:31 pm 319 Downloads

I adapted the Bergmann RRW 500 from the vanilla game to match the Holmer Terra Dos.

I like these specialized earth fruit loader wagons, but feel they don't get enough love from players.

With the Bergmann RRW 500 you have the possibility, due to the filling volume, to completely fill up the Holmer Terra Dos, for example, without driving a truck and its trailer onto the field (that's important to some players that trucks don't drive onto the field).

I adjusted the following:
- Added carrots and onions for the HoF 2022
- Color choice for the transfer wagon and the rims
- a selection of different Hirschfeld logos (purists can do without)
- Adjusted the overload speed of the Holmer Terra Dos in the special edition
- the unfolding animation of the overload conveyor stops at the upper end of the setting range (can still be set via mouse control),

so that trucks with their semi-trailers can drive underneath
(particularly helpful when automations are planned).


Credits: Giants Software, [HIP] Patrick

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