Black Fox Distilery V1.0

January 20, 2023 2:40 pm 211 Downloads

This factory makes bourbon, plum brandy, pear brandy, peach liqueur, apple cider, beer, mead, rye whiskey, rum, strawberry and cherry liquors and deposit all in wood barrels.
It is similar to my Royal Cellar mod, but with no wine (I made it for Italia map, where wine is already produced) and needs fruit orchard for the new recipes.
Needs barrels from Platinum DLC.
For Rye Whiskey the map needs to have rye as extra crop. If not, will use only maize, but is kind of cheating.
Will receive some log errors regarding missing rye (if map doesn’t have it) and raw format (png instead of dds; don’t know how to make proper transparent dds) for hud and decals.


Credits: Jinkou89TheSnake

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