Brandenburg Map V3.1

Date : 2022-04-08 11:51:34 Report

Important new savegame if you want to play this version, you can also just skip this if you don’t want it.
About 3.1.0 (Please read)
(Aimed at everyone, but also at those who have already started with V3)
The last version for the time being, because I noticed that basically nothing can be changed without requiring a new savegame, and I would also like to devote myself to a new project (i.e. a new map, based on this only completely different, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be updates for bugs)
As an example, in 3.1 I installed an extension for the pizzeria, which means that the pizzeria now has a production facility where you can make dough and use it with other ingredients to make a pizza. I also came up with a concept that you then have to bring them to the houses to sell them, but it doesn’t transfer all this to the new savegame and causes problems and believe me I’ve been sitting there since last night, but it just wants to not. So if you would like to play with this production, you can do so, but unfortunately only with a new savegame. goofy
–> What is new is “only” a new production chain for the pizzeria and the “points of sale” and of course specially textured pallets. <–
I ask for your understanding for this censored

– new production for dough and pizza
– Pizza sales system
– many small adjustments to environment
– Solar park no longer belongs to the farm

Welcome to my map “Somewhere in Brandenburg”
This map shows the surroundings of Brandenburg. The landscape is therefore kept rather flat.
The fields are very realistic, but there are also a few “rectangular” ones for those who don’t like round ones.
If you have problems or discover errors, please write them here in the comments, I will fix them as soon as possible. (log error-free)

The main courtyard includes:
– cow pasture
– Chicken coop
– Glasshouse
– Production of sugar beet shredders
– several storage options
– The main courtyard can be freely sold and rearranged

The map includes:
– 9 production options (including own ones such as hay production, washed and cut vegetables and sugar beet pulp)
– a second courtyard (several greenhouses / sheep pen)
– Sawmill
– own points of sale
– Solar park (already belongs to you, due to a mistake on my part :money: )
– 10 collectibles are hidden
– freely buildable areas
-with update 3.1 an extension of an existing production will follow
– 10 meadows
– 57 fields (47 without meadows)
– Field size from 0.8ha to 14.94ha

Credits: Giants Software Piesel Decoration (Prefabs) Landbauer (Schilder / Produktionsgebäude)

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