Bucks County, Pa V1.1

Date : 2023-07-19 00:27:26 Report

Welcome to Bucks County, PA!

- Changed foliage densities of Wheat, Barley, Canola, and Oat
- Adjusted east map boundary
- Added new field in grass area at main farm
- Added new dirt textures
- Added BGA
- Added Rye, Millet, Lavender, Carrot, and Onion
- Added Lavender Oil pallets to the oil processing plant
- Added Jam Factory to store:
-Input: Grape and Strawberry
-Output: Grape Jam and Strawberry Jam
- Fixed main farm cow pen straw and food quantity issues
- Fixed forage harvester still showing under start from scratch
- Various visual floating fixes

Here you will find 60 challenging, irregularly shaped fields ranging in size from small to large.
There are several empty plots on the map that can be purchased, cleared, and then either converted into fields or used for additional buildings or farms.
You start the game on the main farm, which consists of cows and chickens. The horses, pigs and sheep will be displayed on the map as soon as the land is purchased.

Credits: TNTmodding

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