Caffini Drift Stopper Evo V1.0

Date : 2022-05-20 20:05:41 Report

Caffini Drift Stopper Evo 2000 a recovery sprayer, equipped with 4 hydraulic air turbines, with steel frame, 2 meters panels, capacity 2000 litres. Road homologated.

This mist sprayer nebulizes the product mixture in a quantity targeted only to the vegetation and at the same time it recovers the product in excess in order not to be dispersed in the environment.

The innovative and reliable double drawbar steering system with electronically controlled lifting axle allows "Drift Stopper EVO" to turn at the end of the row with an extremely reduced radius compared to other machines, even without having to close the panels.

The 4 powerful turbines are hydraulically driven and allow to produce the required quantity and speed of air according to the leaf mass and the forward speed.

Price: $ 62,800
Working width: 4 m
Maximum working speed: 7 mph
Tank capacity: 2000 litres

Credits: Peppe978

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