Case Ih T4B Special Edition V1.0

Date : 2022-10-27 11:09:53 Report

This is the much requested Case IH Magnum T4B that is included with my Vineland, NJ map and with a few additional edits!

- Added many new tire configurations:
Nokian Ground King with weights (Price $3,200)
Nokian Tractor King with weights (Price $3,200)
Nokian Ground King dual rear (Price $11,000)
Nokian Ground King all dual (Price $16,000)
Nokian Tractor King dual rear (Price $11,000)
Nokian Tractor King all dual (Price $16,000)
Nokian Ground King with crawler tracks (Price $25,000)
Nokian Tractor King with crawler tracks (Price $25,000)
Aebi Steel Spiked for chaff compaction (Price $3,500)

- Added additional 692Hp engine configuration (Price $48,520)
- Added additional 850Hp Twin Turbo engine configuration with 42 mph (68 kph) max speed (Price $59,575)
- Made tractor, interior, seat, and rims color selectable (63 custom added colors in addition to the standard base game colors.)
- Adding custom modeled LED beacon lights and an also custom modeled LED beacon light bar on the tractor. All activated by the default beacon light button.

Credits: MackTrucker921

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