Case Maxxum 5130 Series V1.0

Date : 2022-12-25 20:35:11 Report

This is my edited version of the popular Case Maxxum 5100. i edited the sound and various textures inside and out. i edited things like the front grill, dashboard wich now has right colours on existing gauges and has gotten a hour, temp and fuel gauge. it now also has a better seat, design configs with some original decals and i gave it the new interactive controls wich allow for rear linkage controls. i will be making more updates.

- 5130=105hp
- 5130pro=110hp
- 5140=115hp
- 5140pro=120hp
- 5150=125hp
- 5150pro=132hp
- 5150red=150hp

Credits: larsIhcModding

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