Case Optum V1.0.7.0

Date : 2022-06-05 13:01:55 Report

Version 1.0.7
– original daytime running lights
– AM mascot (choice: yes / no)
– Roof rails with headlights
– New better reversing light
– Fixed transform group for license plate light
– Original Day driving light
– on masocts (yes / no)
– headlights
– new reverse lights
– transform group for license plate light now correct

Hello my love!
The Optum is finally here! AND Log error-free

what was done
– Tire configs
– RUL configs
– Warning Signs Config
– Horn Configs
– Lightbar Configs
– Choice of color for the base, PTO shaft and rims
– Installed crop sensor for precision farming

Credits: Anteri0r

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