Caseih Stx Steiger Tracked Realistic V1.0

Date : 2022-11-30 09:34:29 Report

The STX Series QUADTRAC four wheel drive tractors are a revolutionary new leader in the X series family of tractors.

This four wheel drive of the future will give you all the productivity, versatility, comfort, and convience you

need to tackle your toughest tasks. The STX series tractor has 2 different chassis sizes, and features 16 different

model sizes to fit to your farm. Horsepower ranges from 375 to 535. Base price for the STX is $145,000. The STX series

from Case IH boasts a wide range of different track options, whether you need large flotation tracks, or skinny row crop tracks,

the STX provides such options. The STX also comes with the ability to add weights in the front and rear of the machine. The STX is also

universal with the ability to choose between US or EU safety features. For longer jobs and tiring fieldwork, the STX also has the

option for the Case IH FM-750 guided positioning system.

As far as I know error free convert!

Credits: NEFG Modding, Converted by FarmerJon

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