Claas Xerion 3000 Saddle Trac V1.0

Date : 2022-08-29 15:51:09 Report

Here is Smety’s Xerion, which was present on fs19 and which I modified for fs22 while waiting for this final version,
It has the same feature and customization as the previous version.

Max Speed: 55km/h
Price: 330200 €
Power: 335 – 379HP
Customization: wheel brand, wheel, body color, rim color, exhaust grille color, front tie configuration, , side panel
Shop Category: Large Tractors

Model: Zunhammer tank/pump
Capacity: 15000
Price: €60,000 (tank)
Price: 8000 € (pump)
Customization: color, design
Shop Category: Slurry Tanks

Model: lizard seed tank
Capacity: 8000
Filling unit: fertilizer, lime, seeds
Price: €40,000
Customization: color, design
Shop Category: Miscellaneous

(Thank you for not criticizing me, I made this conversion paracerque I like this mod paracerque it is a tractor can common and that to play with and particularly pleasant thanks to these different functionalities, so I decided to make it enjoy everyone)

Credits: Smety

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