Claas Xerion 4500-5000 V1.3

Date : 2021-12-12 07:02:37 Report

Version 1.3:

Fix 3 bugs:
Missing texture 'mEmissiveMap' [fix]
Specialization 'crabSteering' already exists [behoben]
Tractor is symbolized on the map [behoben]

Top speed reduced from 55 to 52 (50 real)

Rear wheel steering added

Manufacturer: CLAAS
Model: 4500 - 5000 Trac VC
Production: 2014 - 2021
Standard engine: Mercedes-Benz OM471LA six cylinder turbo, 12,8 litres
Transmission: ZF Eccom 4.5 CVT
Max speed: 50 km/h

Price: 350200 €
Power: 490 - 530HP
Upgrade: wheel brand, wheel, body color, rim color, engine grid color, front attacher configuration, mudguards, side sign, additional tank

Credits: Modell: Smety, TraktorfahrerMax Textur: Smety Script: Smety Idee / Konzept: Smety, TraktorfahrerMax Tester: Smety, TraktorfahrerMax Sonstige: Smety, TraktorfahrerMax

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