Composter V1.1

Date : 2022-04-29 13:39:35 Report

After a long time the update from the composter.
It took a little longer, but I managed to do the animations almost like in LS17 hope you like them.
A video of the compost installation into the map will follow.
You can use the compost for fertilizer.
The whole thing will appear on our YT channel BGE modding, but can’t say when.


Warings on Mod Maps Fixed
Price adjusted when selling
Added point of sale to place
Textures improvements
Animations added (almost like in LS17)
Sound added
Added fill planes

Camming Soon:
Composter in an electric version.
Compost bin in a metan version.

I wish you a lot of fun with the really big update.
Feel free to leave any requests or suggestions via PM or in the comment area.
I would like to make my composter for the LS22 available to you.
This is my first public mod and it won’t be my last. Please load stupid comments. Thanks!
The basic model is from the LS17, I edited the textures as much as possible. As well as the model has a few changes.
The fill type is automatically entered in the card and in a point of sale.
I tested the composter and it ran clean for me.
So far I’ve tested it, it’s free of log errors.
You can’t fertilize with the compost at the moment, but I’m in the process of making this possible.
Info Trigger is at the top of the Info Terminal.
Located under: Production Points
Production: Composter
Price: €185,000
Capacity: 60,000L
Upkeep: /
Production / hour: 20 liters
Raw materials: Straw, hay, grass, chaff, manure, diesel
Product: compost
Ball trigger: Is currently not installed.
balance of power: compost (straw)
Input: straw and diesel
Output: compost
compost (hay)
Input: hay and diesel
Output: compost
compost (grass)
Input: grass and diesel
Output: compost
compost (chaff)
Input: chaff and diesel
Output: compost
compost (dung)
Input: manure and diesel
Output: compost
I hope I wrote all the information about it.
Have fun with it.

Credits: [BGEM]Patrick aka P-Modding = Umbau vom Komposter Ls17, Texturen Anpassungen und vieles mehr. Gunther = Diesel Lager Tank [ALM]FrankGTB = Kompost Texturen für den LS22 Farmer Andy = Komposter Model LS17

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