Countyline Multi 4X V1.0.0.4

Date : 2023-09-22 13:26:35 Report

** Final Edit **
These Fixes will require a new SaveGame to
be able to see the updates in Game.
Because shape size has gotten bigger than 396 giants
says consol players may have problems.
Placeable Map Buildings, Can now Be sold if you own property.
Regenerated IndoorMask So Snow will now appear correct for map.
Fixed Pallet Spawn at Oil Plant For Lavender Oil
Fixed Train Spline hook on map entry.
Added More pedestrian splines.
Added More Lights.
removed grass that was under water in ponds and painted mud and bushes
Detailed roads with gravel_grass texture.
Adjusted Height of all Sound Spheres.

Credits: KS Mapping, DrtyDiesel Modding, geeman72, Tofo69

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