Countyline Multi 4X V1.0.0.9

Date : 2024-03-30 14:26:07 Report

V1.0.0.9 Final
Fixed Silo issue. Thanks to Scott and Terry for pointing out that there was a issue.
Fixed hops mission issues
Added all NEW animal farm areas with large custom walk areas.
Sheep and Goats along with goat milk tank added to sheep custom area Goat Milk used at dairy fer goat cheese,
Worked on more details in areas to improve looks.

Because of additions of animal zones, and changes to Silos You WILL need a new SaveGame to update your placeable File with changes.

added Calf Stalls to cow areas. 
Both pictures of hops and lavender harvest, I used game Forage Harvestor and game header with no issues.
Updated Autodrive course in Autodrive directory within the Countyline4x Map zip file.
Starter Farm now has field 13, 23, and 24 instead of the old 1 field start. Fields 23 and 24, one has alfalfa ready to harvest and the other 
has clover. 13 has oats as base large start field also ready to harvest. This gives large amounts of straw to help in what ever manner you want.

This will be my final edit on this map as FS24 looms around the corner. I have some ideas for a new map but am waiting for FS24.

Credits: KS Mapping, DrtyDiesel Modding, geeman72, Tofo69

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