Cow Farm Map V1.0.0.2

Date : 2022-04-09 20:50:58 Report

Welcome to the Cow Farm.

I added a lot of new bushes!
I've completely transformed the lands!
And now there will be a starting crop on the ground that can be harvested!
The closing of the map has become completely different!
And many other little fixes!

We are talking about an unrealistic map where I tried to make as much dairy farming and every other animal as possible.

Which can be found:
20 plots of land (there are small and large lands)
Basic animals (3500 cow and 2000 shep).
Basic plants
Even lighting is available

- Recommended for multiplayer games:
Generate yourself first in single player mode with a "New Farmer" game difficulty, save it and then launch it into multiplayer!

Thanks to every modder who allowed me to use your mod.
There are high performance machines.

-Added base bush!
-Fixed cow eating!
-Fix more....

Credits: ABT_FrankyY

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