Deutz Agrostar 6.71/6.81 Forstedition V1.0.2.0

Date : 2023-02-18 12:54:12 Report

Deutz AgroStar 6.71/6.81 with front loader console and forest cage.

Version 1.0.2
Added Simple IC
- Door on the left
-Front and rear windows
-roof hatch
- Warning signs foldable if configured (trigger point left sign outside front)
If there are problems with it, please let me know because I installed it for the first time !!!!

The Deutz 6.71/6.81 was produced from 1992 to 1997 (6.81 only from 1993)
The Deutz 6.71 has an MWM engine with a displacement of 6.2 liters and the 6.81 has an MWM engine with a displacement of 7.1 liters.
Both models have a Same gearbox with two groups and 9 powershift stages.

- three engine variants 6.71/6.81/6.81 rotated (power from 165 to 220 hp)
- Front attachment
- Front fender
- Rear fender
- 5 different front loader consoles
- Warning signs
- Forest frame (please switch off front fenders and do not use Mitas Terra tires)
- 28 different tire variants (one with forest chains)

Credits: Urmodder "PUMA" GeneralX (Forstkäfig), Und meine Wenigkeit

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