Deutz D06 4Wd / Fh V2.0.3.0

Date : 2022-09-18 11:39:28 Report

A four-wheel drive Deutz with many cool functions

Version 2.0.3
- Link changed
- XML made more tidy
- Mod prepared for future versions

Hello, today I release a Deutz d06

The Deutz has many configurations
- Roll bar
- Cabin
- Color choice of tires, front loaders, cab and bodywork
- Front loaders like Stoll and Baas

There are also many details installed
- Rope on the Baas front loader
- Horseshoe as a decoration
- lying top link
- metal box
- Stickers

There are a few more nice details waiting for you
I hope you like the mod
Releases are there and can be found in the pictures.

Credits: Le0.moddingBauderBlauea / Bassi Modell

Download File