Deutz D06 4Wd7 / Fh V1.0.3.0

Date : 2022-08-30 11:23:15 Report

Version 1.0.3
Fixed problem with circuit

Version 1.0.2
1. Remove Simple ic Trigger
2. File has become smaller
3. the bent tires in the fenders have been removed

The Deutz has many configurations
Roll bar
Color choice of tires, front loaders, cab and bodywork
Front loaders like Stoll and Baas

There are also many details installed
Rope on the Baas front loader
Horseshoe as a decoration
lying top link
metal box

There are a few more nice details waiting for you.
I hope you like the mod
Releases are there and can be found in the pictures.

Credits: Le0.moddingBauderBlauea / Bassi Modell

Download File (74.1 MB)