Deutz-Fahr Serie Pack V1.2.2

Date : 2022-04-19 12:17:53 Report

Version 1.2.2:
A small fix that puts the dashboard display back in the correct position
Configuration update options (look in the shop)

Hey guys
The time has finally come, the Deutz Fahr Series 7 from the LS 17 and 19iger is now ready.
It took a while until he was finished, but now everything is as it should be,
Log also show no errors and is therefore clean to gamble and wish you all a lot of fun with it.
Content Mod Deutz Series 7 old (LS 19 Deutz)
All buttons in the vehicle are now illuminated.
You have all the flashing lights available in the game.
Deutz logo in front is illuminated.
Attachments option
Beacons mounting option
License plate present
Content Mod Deutz Series 7 (LS 22 Deutz)
Deutz logo on the front is illuminated in 3 colors to choose from
Attachments option
Attachments: Option Deutz series 7 old (LS19 Deutz)
Without attachment / side markings / radio + horn / work lights (worklight) / all work lights (all worklight) / all attachments with glass effect
License plate present
Without RUL / With RUL 1 to 8
Attachments: Option Deutz Series 7 (LS22 Deutz)
Deutz logo on the front is illuminated in 3 colors (selectable)
Build up fenders (small fender / big fender - selectable)
Glass (slightly darkened rear and side windows)
Christmas tree in the cockpit

main color
Interior color

seat color
tire color

Path fixed -> done
Remove the logo on the rear window, it wasn't intended for the Com -> done
Added Deutz Series 7 from the LS 22 and thus a pack of the old Deutz 7 and the new Deutz 7 from LS22 -> done
Fixed a small bug on the discs, should now be displayed again. -> done
Deutz Series 7 (LS22) Redesign of the attachment options.

Credits: Giants Software Maddog Design

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