Dondiego Map V1.0.3.0

Date : 2022-09-03 09:23:41 Report

Welcome to Dondiego Map
This is a 4-way, multifruit map, with revamp production ready for precision farming
In addition to standard fruits, we also have: alfalfa, clover, carrots, onions, hops, lavender, poppy seeds, rye, white cabbage, red cabbage. Suitable machines are included.
There are 61 fields, two trains, large yard.
Trains stay on the map and are free.
In the yard we have a large warehouse for all products on the map (including bales and pallets) with a capacity of 40,000,000 liters, an additional workshop, fillable yard gas station and much more. All buildings in the yard are placeable.
There are many production buildings and new products.
In the garden center we have two shopping points with cheap prices for: seeds, fertiliser, lime, liquid fertilizer and plant protection products.
There are 20 game cartridges to be found in the yard, 50000 each.
A big thank you to Markus and Team-Rheinlandpfalz for new fruits and attached machines.
Also thanks to Braeven, Achimobil, TethysSaturn, DickerSauerlaender, AlfredProm for Production Revamp script.

Credits: DondiegoMarkus und Team-Rheinlandpfalz

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