Enhanced Economy Settings V1.1

Date : 2024-01-30 19:01:02 Report

- ADDED: Animal sub-type (breed) titles
- CHANGED: Fill type names only shown for fill types with duplicate titles
- FIXED: Top notification duration
- FIXED: German translation of "Free"
- FIXED: Polish translation errors

Introducing "Enhanced Economy Settings": the mod that brings greater control and flexibility to your farming experience! This modification introduces new settings, allowing admins to adjust the global economy. With Enhanced Economy Settings, navigate through a myriad of individual fill type settings, ensuring a finely-tuned financial system that is tailored to your desired gameplay. Whether you seek to boost your profit or regulate prices, this mod is your ultimate tool for shaping a dynamic and immersive economic experience. Take command of your farming simulator economy like never before with the extraordinary "Enhanced Economy Settings" mod!

Things to keep in mind:
- This mod adjusts prices at buying and selling locations, including production points and animal dealers.
- Adjusted prices will take effect right away, though it may take a moment for new prices to be reflected in the user interface.
- Some mods have their own price calculations and will not be adjusted by this mod.
- Although animal prices can be altered with this mod, the incurred transport fees will remain unchanged.

Credits: DJ WoodZ

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