Farmers Savings Bank-Branch V1.0

Date : 2023-03-10 21:32:17 Report

Farmers Savings Bank Branch
- This is your local financial institution that has a 24H accessable ATM for your convenioence.
- The ATM allows you to open the in-game finance screen on foot in the game by pressing the [R] key when in front of the ATM.
Once you have opened the the finance screen, you can take out cashadvances (loan) or repay a previous loan in $5000 increments,
you can see all income and expenditures for the current and the previous four months.
- The bank will generate some passive income but also cost a small fee to recoup "operating" expenses.

Shop Category: Placeable/ Buildings/ Tools
Price: $85600
Daily Upkeep: $200
Income Per Hour: $50

- Night lights
- Passive Income
- Cash advance (Loan)/Repay Loan

Credits: Scandinavian Vikings Mod-Rebuilds Team

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