Fed Produktions Pack V1.4.1

Date : 2022-04-26 13:56:48 Report

Production Pack 1.4.1
- Fixed collision of a lamp at the sugar factory

Production Pack 1.4
- New production sugar factory with production of sugar, molasses, beet pulp and compost,
There is space for 2 more production facilities on the sugar factory premises
- New production malt factory with production of barley, wheat malt and pig feed
On the railing of the sugar factory there is exactly space for the malt factory
- New production laboratory for the production of yeast from molasses, cardboard and production of ensiling agents from molasses and/or milk
There is exactly enough space for the laboratory on the railings of the sugar factory
- New production brewery for the production of wheat draft beer and barley draft beer
- Collision added to a tank in the refinery
- Collision added to the generator and a wall by the hay dryer
- Collision added to the unloading area and pulp mill building
- Inserted storage grid at the feed factory
- Production workshop refuel diesel possible
- Moved the pulp mill bale trigger to the correct location
- Increased unloading speed at the sawmill for wood chips
- Compost is no longer used as a store, raw materials such as grass can no longer be removed.
- Compost collision added to diesel tank and roof and slightly increased straw requirement
- Lumberjack empty pallet consumption adjusted and diesel consumption level 2 slightly reduced
- Pulp mill empty pallets consumption adjusted and wood chip consumption slightly reduced
- Sawmill Wood chips and empty pallets are now produced more
- Deleted superfluous hall at the pulp mill

better late than never.
This is now my FED production pack.
The package is a summary of all placeable production mods made by me.
The Fed Mods package currently consists of
Fertilizer production (manure and liquid manure becomes fertilizer)
Seed production (from grain such as wheat + fertilizer we seed)
Fermenter (Grass and/or chaff becomes silage)
Feed factory (compound feed for cows and feed production for pig feed)
Refinery (canola or sunflower becomes diesel and pig feed)
More mods will follow in the next weeks/months.

Credits: Idee / Konzept: FedAction

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