Fendt 714-724Scr V1.1

Date : 2022-12-13 08:59:55 Report

Added startup monitor
Camera moved
Cylinder animated
Added 1-speed gearbox
Added Fendt Cargo
Added 50 tin sign (configurable)
Added Pöttinger, Väderstein and Claasterminal

Animations with public Simple IC in 9.1:
Remove trailer hitches at the back
Remove left door
Remove terminals

Price: €132,000 – €138,000
Power: 150hp

Engine configuration:
Fendt Vario 714 (150 hp)
Fendt Vario 716 (171 hp)
Fendt Vario 718 (188 hp)
Fendt Vario 720 (209 hp)
Fendt Vario 722 (228 hp)
Fendt Vario 724 (246 hp)

– main color
– Rim color
– Front loader console color
– Design Line or normal version
– Mirror
– Furnishing
– warning signs
– Beacons
– Position lights on the lamp holders (S4 and Gen6)
– Sticker for the type designation selectable (S4)
– Added crop sensor for precision farming

Animations with public Simple IC in 9.1:
– Fold steering wheel console up/down
– Open/close the door on the left
– Open/close rear window – Rotating lights fold in/out outside/inside
– Fold out/fold out warning signs outside/inside

Animations with private Simple IC in 9.3
– Engine start
– Working/Standard lights on/off
– Front and rear hydraulic view from inside and outside up/down
– Switch hazard lights on/off

ATTENTION: some things are still untextured and will be fixed

Credits: landwirtyoshi

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