Fendt 870Kg V1.0

Date : 2022-08-22 13:24:20 Report

Fendt 870KG - can be coupled at the front and rear - color choice main weight - color choice (Fendt logo) - weight plates configurable (3 weight plates) - tow hitch is configurable - catch hooks are also configurable - coupling options configurable
Hello dear country folk
Here I have a Fendt 870 kg weight which can be increased to 1230 kg with 3 additional weight plates.
The weight plates can be selected via config in the shop, and a trailer hitch can also be mounted.
Another 3-point recording can also be configured.
Color choice for the main weight and extra weights is available as well
a color choice for the lettering.

Credits: Ragnarok Valhalla - Landeier.lu

Download File (7.8 MB)