Fendt 870Kg V2.0

Date : 2022-09-01 10:35:08 Report

Hello Landeier Com,
Today I present you the V2 of the Fendt 870 KG weight.

What was done:
The moddesc has been revised, version 1.7.1 ready
The weights XML has been revised and adjusted.
A configurable chain has been added, which I built in Maya with toller
Support from UNKNOOWN and MacFlei.
The chain changes its shape depending on the choice of weight model or adding the weight plates.
The chain itself got color choices (black and scratched silver)
The hook and shackle built for this have also been given a choice of colours.
The colors would be there (red, yellow, black and scratched silver)
So now I wish you a lot of fun searching.

Credits: Ragnarok_Valhalla

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