Fendt 900 Tms Edit V1.6

Date : 2023-10-02 18:00:02 Report

This is a Fendt 900 TMS Edit.

-Added original exhaust
-Added turbo sign on the right position
-Added original toplink holder
-Replaced simpleIC with Vertex IC
-Updated some visuals

Mod comes with Simple IC.
You can open front and rear window, left door, roof window, left and right side windows.
Sunguard can also be lowered.
Beacon lights are foldable and all warning sign are foldable.

Engine configurations:
Vario 916 --> 165 hp
Vario 920 --> 200 hp
Vario 924 --> 240 hp
Vario 926 --> 260 hp
Vario 930 --> 300 hp

Available configurations:
Beacons: no, left beacon,rigth beacon, both beacons
Extra worklight: yes, no
Manure fender: yes, no
Front fender: yes,no
Rear fender: yes, no, wide, metal
Warning signs: no, EU, US, US long
Front utility: no, front guard, rope holder, chain holder

Credits: FarmerBatica

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