Fendt Vario 700 Edit (Ic) V1.0.0.1

Date : 2023-05-31 11:33:36 Report

Hello everyone, today I bring you my Fendt Vario 700 Edit with the Interactive Control. (Description to read).

Urgent fixes added

Here are the modifications:
-Addition of 2 Michelin Men (mirrors bar).
-Addition of 2 trunks (on the roof).
-Added horn sound: Europe - The Final Countdown (18 sec).
-Addition of a TP panel (rear of the roof).
-Addition of 8 LED beacons (6 on the panel, 3 front, 3 rear and 2 next to the panel).
- Addition of interactive Control (cab control: rear, front linkage, rear, front PTO, flashing light, GPS, engine start). (External control: rear linkage on both sides, front, rear PTO on both sides).
(Perso) keys recommended for the Interactive Control: to activate it (F9) and to activate the command (Right click).
If you encounter any problems, let me know in the comments.
(Icon Generator being defective, the icon has not been made. It will be on a V.2)

Credits: romaainyt

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