Flatcountrytyroleanx16 V2.0

Date : 2022-06-03 10:17:32 Report

FlachLandTirolerX16 is a 16x Map.

Version 2.0:
Fertilizer view fixed
Fixed harvest mission

There are 61 fields and 7 outlets.
There is space for 2 farms, which you
yourself can design.
Next to one of the 2 farms is an open space for the BGA.
In addition, there are 8 meadows, but you can also
make a forest or whatever out of it.
These areas as well as the yards are cheaper than the fields,
that is, you can create with placeable objects
his own map.
So no one can say I do not like,
because you have built it yourself.
I thank Frieder for the help
and his made Autodrive courses for this map.

Credits: demetzwalter

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